Stimulate collagen.

Microneedling gently stimulates the skin with very fine needles that encourage natural collagen production.  Results are that of fractional lasering, without the cost or downtime.

Microneedling stimulates the bodies natural healing and will rejuvenate the skin and can reduce:

  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Sun Damage
  • Skin Laxity
  • Acne Scars
  • Stretch Marks

Encourages better delivery of nutrients to the skin via topical application

$225 per treatment

$625 package of 3 treatments

$800 package of 4 treatments (recommended for scarring)


PRF used alongside of microneedling is medical skincare at its best.   The platelet rich fibrin (PRF) facial, combines plasma, fibrin, and platelets from your blood that are obtained via a quick blood draw in the office.

Both PRF and microneedling stimulate collagen growth, and are more effective when done together.


PRF with microneedling – $525

Package of 3-$1500



PRF for injection $500 per treatment