Neo Elite by Aerolase


A unique non-invasive laser device FDA cleared to treat a multitude of skin conditions with no downtime.This means you can go back to your daily activities with no side effects or prolonged redness. Aerolase uses a 1064nm wavelength which targets water, melanin and hemoglobin in the skin. The revolutionary 650 microsecond technology gently delivers powerful energy in a gentle manner for quick results for every skin type. The result is an overall improvement of your skins quality, tone and texture, with a focus on your main skin condition.


A wide range of treatments available for the following skin conditions:

Acne scarring and PIH
Redness, rosacea, angiomas, broken capillaries
Sun damage and hyperpigmentation
Spider veins on legs
Pseudofolliculitis barbae
Skin rejuvenation



The number of treatments vary based on the condition being treated. For most patients, a treatment course of 4-6 sessions is best.






spot treatment $150 & up